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Bergecco-Parc Consulting Inc Film Team Project

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To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Abbott and Costello’s film “Meet the Mummy”, the underappreciated Lou Costello Park will undergo great cleaning and renovation, in the hopes of creating a film festival that will increase the amount of overall visitors to Paterson.
By cleaning up the underutilized and litter-filled public space, our team’s aim is to improve the image of Paterson by bringing back attention to it’s culture, history, and amazing food in Little Lima.
Through this event, we ultimately hope current residents and tourists will invite more people to come visit Paterson and experience what it has to offer, benefiting both the local economy and bringing a great experience to others.

Brief History of Lou Costello Park

At the corner of Cianci and Ellison Street in Paterson, New Jersey is Lou Costello Park, adorned by a life-sized bronze statue of comedy genius Lou Costello.
According to the Paterson Press, the park was “Established as a tribute to the radio and movie star, Lou Costello Park has come to symbolize the ongoing struggles of the city.” and was once even closed off by the government due to “vagrants bathing in the park”

Our plans

Cleanup of Lou Costello Park

Paterson’s Costello Park was in dire need of cleaning up before the film event could have been held.
Fortunately, on September 14, 2019, a group of over 20 volunteers known as “Lou’s Angels” began a project to clean up the park: powerwashing the statue, killing weeds, and removing litter.
This has greatly cleaned up the park, but we will still be partnering with local schools and government officials to offer volunteer hours to students who would like to help further clean the park before, after, and during the screening.

people are cleaning
Make profit

In Pink we have outlined (to scale), where the projector screen will be located.
The park area will be filled with free seats, but directly in front will be optional paid seating, which will be $10.
Paid Seating proceeds will go to the American Heart Association in honor of Lou Costello, who died of heart disease.
In Purple, we intend to have local Paterson food places (Little Lima) procured by the Food team, to be available for sale to let tourists try Paterson’s variety of foods.
We will be showing Lou and Costello Meet the Mummy and Lou and Costello Meet Frankenstein.
In the event of rain, we will reschedule to the same time/day next week.


Flyer/Poster detailing date/time and the films shown.
Will be placed around Paterson and neighboring areas by volunteer team.


  • Inflatable 20 ft. Projector Screen (Amazon, $204.99)
  • Epson VS240 Projector (Amazon, $399.99)
  • JBL EON 610 Speakers (ProAudioStar, $250)
  • 200 small bottles of water and 200 bags of chips (Sams Club, $100)
  • Chair Rental Costs (Sterling Party Rental in Paterson, $100)
  • Public Film Display Licensing for “Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy” and “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein” (Swank Motion Pictures $770)

Contact Us

CEO:Justin Watrel

Team Leader: Alexander Khan-Hosein

Vice President: Joseph Skiba

Team Member: Yutian Wang

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