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Bergecco-Parc Consulting Inc.

About Bergecco-Parc Consulting Inc.

Bergecco-Parc Consulting Inc. is a consulting company founded in New Brunswick, NJ in 1999 by a group of Rutgers Graduate Students. The students were hired by the university after their graduate project won a marketing contest for the campus’s ‘Homecoming 2000’ event. The project won over many well-known marketing firms as having the pulse of what university students need to know about the happenings on their campus. The firm has continued to grow and the headquarters is still in New Brunswick, NJ.

Welcome to Bergecco-Parc Consulting Inc.

“Welcome to Bergecco-Parc Consulting Inc. where we believe in innovation, creativity and diversity. We like our team members to have a say in every part of our projects and different points of view are challenged and respected. We treat our clients as individuals and their input is part of our team’s strength.”
Justin Watrel, CEO/Co-Founder

Take me back to Paterson, NJ Project

November 23, 2019 Paterson City Hall

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Film Team Project Website

Paterson Museum Team Commercial

Lambert Castle Team Commercial

Paterson Great Falls Team Commercial

Little Lima Team Commercial

Visiting the Mayor André Sayegh

November 16, 2019 Paterson City Hall

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When individuals comes together in support of a shared goal, the community becomes empowered and the success of collective action is elevated. We want your voice to be heard and your ideas to make a difference, so join our cause and help make a positive impact. Get in touch to find out more about how you can get involved.

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111-115 Washington Street, Paterson NJ 07505